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Digital Impressions

At the office of Scott Hudimac, DDS, we’ve recently invested in new technology that allows us to take 3D digital impressions of your teeth, with no mess and a reduced wait.

Dental Impressions – the Old Way

Old-fashioned crown molding and fabrication techniques are both time-consuming and generally unpleasant experiences.

The old method uses what’s sometimes referred to as a “goop” to take an often imprecise cast of your teeth. Afterwards, this cast is sent off to a laboratory so that the crowns can be fabricated.

The patient is given a temporary crown and asked to wait about three weeks for their final crowns to return. Sometimes the wait is worth it; sometimes the fit might not be right.

digital dental impressions dentist latrobe paThe New Way

Using a digital scanning device, such as the CEREC AC Connect, allows our office to take 3D CAD images of your teeth without the use of any manual molding techniques.

Using a small scanner, we can quickly craft your digital crown and, in a few short clicks, send it off to the lab for instant feedback and manufacture. No more sending molds in the mail, just fast, simple dentistry.

Call our office today at 724-537-5505 or contact us to learn more about our services and the steps we’ve take to ensure a more comfortable experience for you.

The Digital Way

Here at our office, we strive to provide our patients with unsurpassed comfort, which is why we chose to invest in the new CEREC AC Connect digital impressions machine in the first place.

Now, we can provide our patients with a multitude of conveniences, including:

  • Fast lab feedback – Reducing the number of return visits to redo a poor cast
  • Reduction in wait time from three weeks to less than one
  • No goop or wax molding
  • Minimal scan times

Call us today at 724-537-5505 to learn more about our new digital scanning technology and how we can improve your visit to the dentist.