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Intra-Oral Camera

At the offices of Dr. Scott Hudimac, DDS, we have over 15 years experience with intra oral camera technology, in which a small camera is placed inside your mouth to help determine needed treatments.

While this expertise proves itself invaluable for our clients, we’ve decided to advance our capabilities even further with the introduction of a new SoproCARE system.

SoproCARE Intra-Oral

Using autoflourescence (the emission of light from biological structures) and chromatic amplification (the coloring of selective tissues), SoproCARE by the Aceton Group allows for early action to be taken against many major dental concerns.

This non-invasive, LED-based technology has three modes, providing our office with a wide variety of tools used to keep you from experiencing problems in the future.

  • Daylight Mode – Gives a crystal clear “daylight” image of your teeth to scan for surface anomalies
  • Cario Mode – Helps us to identify future cavities, before they are otherwise detectable
  • Perio Mode – Illuminates otherwise invisible plaque and inflammation relating to potential threats (such as gingivitis)

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