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Sometimes, due to deep cavities or broken teeth, the pulp deep inside a tooth can become infected. Symptoms vary from tooth sensitivity to severe pain, from a bad taste in your mouth (from the infection), to a chronic abscess that destroys the bone around a tooth. It can even be life threatening.

Tooth pulp therapy allows the infection to be removed and the tooth saved. However, since this treatment removes more tooth in addition to all the previous damage, a crown is recommended to help cover and protect the weakened tooth.

Tooth pulp therapy, (often called a root canal) has a reputation for being scary and even painful dental work, but with the gentle dentistry approach of Scott A. Hudimac, DDS, you have a lot less to worry about. We’ll do everything to assure you of a relaxed and comfortable experience. Don’t hesitate to ask about our Sedation Therapy if you feel it might be right for you.