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Sedation Dentistry -
Making You Feel Comfortable

Sedation Dentistry isn’t just for scaredy cats.

Many people have had legitimate, traumatic dental experiences in their lives and coming to the dentist brings back painful memories. Others need extensive or time-consuming work done and sedation dentistry helps it go more smoothly. A few have uncontrollable dental phobias.

But even if you’re just an ordinary scaredy cat, sedation dentistry can work for you. Contact Scott A. Hudimac, DDS today, and we’ll help you achieve good dental health - the stress free and pain free way.

Nitrous Oxide

Have you heard of laughing gas? That’s nitrous oxide. When you breathe nitrous oxide it has a calming effect.

Patients describe the feeling as being calm, unconcerned, happy, slightly numb, and disconnected from events. Nitrous oxide is safe and effective, and we can up or lower the dosage to fit your needs.

It’s not even necessary to have someone drive you home after your appointment, as the effect wears off quickly.

Oral Anxiolysis

Oral anxiolysis involves the use of a sedative medication, usually Triazolam (Halcion). In addition to relieving anxiety, Halcion is good for helping patients with a severe gag reflex.

Halcion is not a powerful sedative. You probably won’t even fall asleep, and though you will be groggy, a simple jostle will bring you around. There is also a bit of an amnesia effect, causing your memories of the procedure to be minimal. Oral anxiolysis is a good choice for anxiety-free dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry is used in addition to, not in replacement of pain medication and numbing agents.

Full Sedation Dentistry

Either because of extensive dental work, dental surgery, or extreme phobias, some patients require full sedation with oral or IV medications. While Dr. Hudimac is not licensed to personally provide this level of sedation, we can arrange for the services you need from an outside expert professional. All you have to do is call us a 724-537-5505, or visit our Contact Page to contact us via email. We will be glad to answer your questions and provide the tender loving dental care you deserve.